Interviews at the marketplace on 20th August 2015

A couple of days ago we went to Kauppatori. There we interviewed some of the tourists that we saw there. First we asked: “Do you speak English?” If they answered yes, we asked: “Can we ask a few questions?” If they said yes, we asked the questions that we had done for homework. For example: “Where do you come from?” , “What languages do you speak?”… We interviewed two Japanese, one Argentinian, one Chinese and one from Florida. All of them liked Finland a lot, they said: “Oh yes!”, “It’s beautiful!”, “Yes!”, “I love it!”…   Sara

Sixth grade went to the marketplace and we interviewed tourists. Me and my pair walked around there for about five minutes until we found our first tourist. The woman who we interviewed was from Japan and she liked Finland a lot and she would recommend Finland to her friends. Then we went to the next tourist who was from America and his name was Chip. I asked him what was his favorite place in Helsinki and he answered the marketplace. Both tourist had been here already for two days. We asked from the next tourist if we could ask her a few questions, but she said:”I do not speak very good English”, and she went away. Then our last tourist family was from Canada. Their favorite place in Helsinki was the main Cathedral. They where here for  three days. They said that they would recommend Finland to their friends. After Helsinki they were going to Estonia. Remi

We got a task from our English teacher to go to Kauppatori and interview tourists. We left from school together and at Kauppatori the teacher split us into smaller groups. We walked a little while when an old gentleman asked us:”Are you doing a school work?” We answered yes, and we asked him one question from our list: “Where are you from?” He answered:”From Denmark.” We said bye and kept on walking. Then a lady said:”Do you want to ask something from me?” We said yes and asked:”What is best in Finland?” She answered:”The weather and your beautiful country.” We thanked and wished her a nice day. Nathalie

Hello, this is a report of the interviews from Kauppatori. First, we interviewed an old couple from Denmark. They thought that Finland is a beautiful country. After this we discussed with an Irish woman, but we did not quite understand what she said. Next, we talked with a group of Californians, who had stayed only in Helsinki. Finally, we interviewed a man and a woman from South Africa. They said that Helsinki is a peaceful city.  Veera

We had school project where we interviewed tourists. My partners were Thomas and Aaro. We were very excited about the project and well… it went kind of well. Our tourists were from Georgia, USA. They were just the way I thought Americans would be and they seem’d like good people. There were two people . We interviewed the couple and the interview was very long… Americans know how to talk, but when we got to the questions the answers were short. I asked that how do they like it in Finland and they answered shortly “We think it’s very cool in here”. They also said that they were in a European tour and that’s why they were here. They came to Finland at 8 o’clock and their trip continued at 1 or 2 pm. They said that the difference between Finland and the USA was that in the USA they always need a car to go from place A to place B. The others asked a few questions and we ended our interview. It went actually pretty well and the best of all we had fun! Aaron

My group had four people in it. Me, Joel, Veera and Nathalie. On Thursday 20th of August our group went to Kauppatori in Helsinki. We interviewed three persons. I think we were unlucky, because the first person we interviewed was Finnish and the second one was a Japanese person who did not speak English. The third person did not have time to answer any of the questions. I think our interview failed, because we did not interview enough people. To succeed we need to interview more people. Samu

On Thursday morning our class went to the market place to interview tourists. In our group were Ada, Remi and Toffe. There were tourists from different countries.  First we met a man who was from America. He said he thinks Finland is a beautiful place and here are less people than in America. Then me and Ada lost Toffe and Remi. We just walked around looking for tourists. Finally we found a woman who was from China. She had just arrived in Finland and thought Finland is a nice place. Before we went back to school, we met some people from the Netherlands and Japan. It was a very nice experience. Siivi

It was a beautiful summer day for a nice task. We got a task to go to the Kauppatori and ask some questions from the tourists and write down their answers. The questions were about Helsinki, travels and tourists. There were many tourists. Some of them were buying souvenirs, food,  toys, ticket for trips around of the city. Some of them were just walking  around, enjoying the sunny day and relaxing atmosphere. Me and my friend Kivi came to the market place feeling confident, but suddenly we felt a bit shy… But we start it the interwiews, and be come to feel more confident. Most of the tourists were frindly and spoke English well.  Jonn from California liked Helsinki very much. He said that he liked it, because the people are very friendly and places are very beautiful. He especially liked Suomenlinna. A young woman Wang Tong from Hong Kong liked Helsinki, because here is not a lot of people and you do not have to wait fore long time to buy tickets or food or something else. She said that Finnish people are very friendly and helpful. Marcus from Austria said that Helsinki is a nice place to visit. Old buildings combine  with new very well. He was sure that one day is not enough to see Helsinki, because there are many interesting places here. After the interviews we came back to school and continued our unusual school day. Egor